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the launch experience from studio unlabelled, branding and marketing agency helping conscious brands launch


Are you just starting out and needs someone to make your idea or product into a brand? We create strategic and visual brands based on target market research, no guesswork. 

Who is this for?

You are just starting out, you have an idea and need someone to package it better to create a proper brand. 

Our Process

The entire project is very collaborative, we are not one of those agencies that takes your brief, run away with it and then deliver a result. We include you in the decision process and make sure that the end result is something that you are proud of and really feel aligned with. 

  • Brand workshop with you
  • We work on the brand strategy and send over a first draft
  • Meeting to go over strategy and make any adjustments + start visual conversation
  • You get 2 visual directions to choose from 
  • We make changes in line with your feedback
  • We present the final brand book to you and show you how to use it 

What's included?

In the launch experience we create a brand book with all the strategic and visual elements you need to launch your brand. We can also do a marketing plan / launch plan and help you with the execution, as you have the option to move on to a monthly retainer after the initial branding project. 

  • A 60-min Brand Strategy Workshop (or two if needed)
  • A brand essence moodboard
  • Brand strategy doc (personality, tone of voice, target market, core values and positioning)
  • Two design concepts with 2 revisions
  • A horisontal and vertical logo + an alternative mark to suit all needs of use
  • Logo files for both print and digital use – labeled for ease of use
  • A Brand Book (including i.e. your strategy, typography, colour palette, suggested imagery)
the level up from studio unlabelled, branding and marketing agency for conscious brands


Are you struggling to take your brand to the next level? Or perhaps it doesn’t feel consistent across all your customer touch points? Maybe you’re having a hard time to create a strong brand identity that really stands out and speaks to your target audience. If you answered yes to any of the above, our level up package is most likely perfect for you. Apply to work with us here. 

Who is this for?

The Level Up project is for any conscious brand that is looking to level up their digital presence, or are in the process of launching your brand and need someone to handle your branding and marketing. You understand that investing in your branding and marketing is necessary to create a successful brand and have realised that you can’t do everything on your own.

Our Process

In the level up project we look at your entire digital marketing journey and evaluate where there are room for improvements and which our opportunities are. From there we create a plan of what needs to be done in order to establish a strong digital brand identity and customer relationships that convert. 

  • Digital Brand touch points audit (Social media, Email marketing, Website and Ads)
  • Target market research
  • Plan of action and analysis
  • Digital Marketing Plan including social media 
  • Brand guidelines (either new ones or your original ones if good enough)

What's included?

The first step after onboarding you as a client is to have a branding workshop when we dig deeper into your values, target customers and brand personality. This is to really understand your brand and why you started. After this we’ll start drafting a brand strategy that we’ll go through together in 1-2 meetings where we make changes and agree on a brand strategy before moving on to the visual aspects of the brand. Our Creative director will then together with the visual team sit down and look through your current assets and either make new assets or level up your existing branding, we’ll agree this together and will never do anything that you’re not comfortable with, (we’re pretty good at talking you into changes so don’t worry, you’ll see a big level up at the end of the project).

The entire process is very collaborative and we have several workshops and meetings to ensure that we deliver the best possible project for your business needs. We’re not an agency that takes your brief, run with it and then show you the result. We believe that with our skills and your passion, the best outcome comes from working together. 


Are you ready to step up your digital game and outsource your social media, email marketing, website optimisation and paid ads? We offer customised packages where we handle everything for you, parts of your digital marketing or just strategise and plan while you execute, all depending on your needs and budget. 

Who is this for?

You already have a brand and are ready to outsource parts of your marketing. We focus on Social media, Paid ads, Email marketing and Website optimisation to ensure that the entire customer journey from awareness to loyal customer is covered and optimised. Depending on your budget we can assist with just Instagram, Paid ads or emails – we tailor everything to your needs and budget. 

Our Process

In our monthly retainers it varies from client to client, as we understand that each business needs is different there’s no one size fits all package. What we do offer on monthly retainers are: 

  • Social Media Management (Instagram and Facebook mainly)
  • Paid Social (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Website optimisation (Shopify and wordpress is our main platforms, if you’re working in something else please get in touch and we’ll see if we can work with that platform)
  • Email marketing (automation, newsletters and campaigns)

What's included?

We start all projects with an audit of current activities to see the opportunities, then we create a plan and lay out clear responsibilities to ensure that each part knows what to do.

  • Monthly strategy sessions 
  • Monthly report 
  • Private slack channel
  • Collaborative Asana board to keep track of projects and tasks

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Depending on the scope of the project and your needs, we create a custom plan and roadmap that you’ll get before starting to project to understand the timeline. It varies between 1-3 month.

We love to work with new businesses and passionate entrepreneurs! However, if our 1-1 services are out of your budget, we have a budget friendly option for small business owners who just needs someone to brainstorm ideas with or strategic input, you can read more about it here.

Get in touch with us at hello@studiounlabelled.com or fill in the form, then we will get back to you to book a meeting if we think we’d be a good fit. Bare in mind that we only work with conscious brands and have limited resources to take on new clients.

We will, together with our team! Studio Unlabelled is a boutique branding and marketing studio based in Stockholm, London and Australia. We have a trusted team of copywriters, photographers, designers and strategists who all collaborate on each project to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

All our clients have custom packages depending on their needs and opportunities. That’s why we start all projects with an audit where we look at your opportunities and where to focus, depending on your team skills, budget and needs. 

We help with organic social media, paid ads, website maintenance (WordPress & Shopify), email marketing, branding, and graphic design assets.

We have a couple of different solutions for you to work with us. The most common option is to start with a “Level-Up” package where pricing varies depending on your needs, starting at 3.000 GBP / 35.000 SEK / 5.400 AUD / 4.000 USD. That usually leads into a monthly retainer where we handle your ongoing branding and marketing needs.

Our retainers are customised to your needs, starting at 2.000 GBP / 25.000 SEK / 3.600 AUD / 2.800 USD /month.

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