Increase your brand awareness,
generate more sales,
and grow your business

Do you have basic knowledge about marketing but find your results are a bit of a hit and miss?

Or do you feel like your design isn’t quite hitting the mark and you struggle to confidently promote your business? 
Maybe your entrepreneurial journey feel a bit lonely and you have no one to turn to for advice or to bounce ideas with?

Then you're in the right place,

because we know that you’re an ambitious go-getter who will do what it takes to create a successful business. You’ve got this far by yourself (hurray!) but you realise that basic knowledge and free stuff only can take you so far and you’re ready for more. What you’re looking for is strategy and advice on the best way to take your brand and revenue to the next level, without spending time and money on things you could have avoided if you just had someone to bounce your plans with. Now is the time leverage the big potential your business has and take it to the next level. We’re here to help you with that! 



Strategic marketing advice that works

Nobody got time for content that cricket



we have your back
at all times


A business bestie

(or two)


guidance on how to BUILD A

because you're here to make an impact


Studio Unlabelled is a female-founded Stockholm-based design and marketing studio helping conscious brands creating immersive brand experiences for their clients.

Madeleine is a top-performing Marketing Strategist who recognised her passion for sustainability and fashion digital marketing while working at a highly respected marketing agency in London. She loves helping you find the perfect balance between your organic and paid marketing activities by creating thoughtful and impactful digital experiences.

Helena is a Brand Consultant who has the great ability to spot opportunities and see the bigger picture for your brand. She loves helping you create beautiful and strategic designs that create genuine connections with your ideal clients and empower you with the confidence you need to fearlessly grow your brand.

Together, we’ll be your partners in crime; the ones you can turn to to get trusted advice with all your brand and marketing questions. 

We know that the combination of getting continuous 1:1 coaching and having a supportive network with likeminded people is the quickest road to success. 

We believe in working collaboratively and see ourselves as a part of your team,
not just ‘a design & marketing studio you’re working with’. 

We care about you and your business and don’t want you to spend money on paid marketing options if you don’t have a nurture plan for taking care of your leads.

We help you spot the opportunities for growth and exposure that you might miss as you’re busy wearing all the hats. 


to help you thrive in your business!


  • Would have monthly 1:1 Brand & Marketing Coaching meetings with 2 experts, giving you and your business full attention and advice on how to grow
  • Daily support Monday-Friday.
  • Could save valuable time and money by prioritising the most important things from the start
  • Had an easy step-by-step action plan and a clear strategy to follow for all your marketing activities 
  • All your content would be strategically created and would attract your target audience
  • Generate more money in your business by prioritising the activities that will give you a measurable ROI
  • Feel confident promoting your business everywhere
  • Had 24/7 access to a network of likeminded, ambitious women who are sharing the same journey as you 
  • Didn’t have to feel lost, overwhelmed, or lonely anymore


Monthly 1:1 brand & strategy coaching

60-minutes of laser-focused 1:1 coaching once a month. Tap into our years’ of experience and contact net around the world. We are working collaboratively and will only recommend steps for you that are aligned with your business’ vision, goals, and values.

Monthly Analytics Report

Are you getting the expected results? 
Before each coaching session we’ll go through your analytics and come prepared with actionable steps for you to improve on.


You will get access to a private Slack channel where you can ask for help, advise or tips Monday-Friday every week. 


Connect with other likeminded entrepreneurs for daily support and ask for help. We believe that one person’s success should be an inspiration to another! This is a safe place to share wins and lessons with people who understand the journey. 

Resource Library

You will get access to our resource library with templates, checklists, and other useful things you can edit and use in your business too. You will also get access to our task management system so you can easily stay on top of what needs to be done and by when. Time-saver!

monthly meet up

Monthly community digital meet up where we talk about wins and losses of the month and help each other to move forward. This is a great opportunity to network with others as well as learn from each others challenges, questions and successes!


Studio Unlabelled is an absolute pleasure to work with! They helped me craft a marketing plan to grow my business and have gone way and above to share with me very efficient methodologies and marketing strategies. Not only are they very experienced in what they do but they also have a very strong intuition and sense of each individual which they then seamlessly ties into the brand marketing. Really an invaluable time working with them and I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who wants to grow their business.



This is for you if:

  • You don’t have a big team and/or want someone to bounce ideas with
  • You want a clear step-by-step strategy on how to take your brand and marketing to the next level
  • You’re not 100% what to prioritise first in order to generate more money
  • You want expertise, tips, and tools on how to create memorable brand experiences for your clients
  • You are ready to uplevel your business and mindset

This isn't for you if:

  • You already have a clear strategy and objective behind your marketing plan and all activities for 2021
  • You have a team that are taking care of the growth or your brand as well as doing your graphics and marketing
  • You like to work without systems, structure and communication
  • Are not open to constructive criticism (we always have your business’ best interest at heart and will tell you what it needs in order to grow)
  • You expect us to do all the work for you 


"Their guidance has been the key
to the growth of our company"


$599/month excl. VAT


€5990/year excl. VAT (2 months for free!)


Let's take your business to the next level, shall we?

Our clients have been featured in:



  1. Monthly 1-1 strategy sessions with Helena or Madeleine where we help you with branding or marketing related questions / guide you in the next steps and priorities and help to set up a tailored plan for you and your business to move forward.

  2. Private Slack channel to communicate directly with Helena and Madeleine when you need extra support. Not sure if ‘that’ influencer is a good fit? Choosing between two variations of ads and need help picking? Stuck on your newsletter and just need someone to point you in the right direction? Send us a message!

  3. Community Slack channel to ask questions or just get support / motivation from other likeminded people on the same journey.

  4. Asana templates to help you plan out your entire marketing and branding department, from campaign launches to content calendars and more.

  5. Monthly community digital meet up where we talk about wins and losses of the month and help each other to move forward.

  6. Social media templates to save your not so creative days (we all have them).

  7. Content ideas and guides to ensure you never run out of content to post.

  8. Access to our entire resource library that is being regularly updated.

  9. Insider newsletter with insights and tricks you can implement in your business.

We have a 30 days notice cancellation policy with both the monthly and annual payment plan. If you are not happy with the program, please get in touch with us so we can arrange for a refund or a different solution for you. Our aim is to always provide the best product for your needs.

It’s a perfect time to join! The Unlabelled Collective is for you if you’re working in the branding or marketing side of the business and is doing it all by yourself or with a couple of team members. We’re a support network who help ambitious solopreneurs or small businesses to scale their business without spending time and money on unnecessary things.